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Hi 👋 am PlayJamz. 

Can you spare me just 5 minutes of your time please !!

As a fast rising artist with little or not enough budget for the promotion of your songs online, even when you think 🤔 and feel your sound deserves to be heard but you just don’t have enough budget to give your music the promotion it deserves😭 

It’s one of the worst feelings ever as an artist right ?

But Hold on 🛑  what if there was a team of experts, strategists, bloggers, marketers and online musical sponsors who are willing to put hands together and work alongside in order to give you the promotion your sound deserves.

We know it is not easy as an independent artist to put your music on blogs and other platforms online because most of these brands charges way too much just for a song upload.

We are glad to let you know your next move of getting your music and your sound to a bigger audience, getting you more interactions, listeners and downloads all for something you have never heard before😎

The Team calls it 


This is a contract service where we do the following below for you sound, only if your sound qualifies to get signed by us after meeting our requirements :

  • We help you release your music for sales to all major online music stores worldwide while making sure you Keep 100% of your royalty.
  • We promote your song here on and on our social media outlets through several advertising platforms.
  • We run online paid advertisement for your songs so it can get to the right audience who will love you type of sound and make sure you get feedback from your fans.

If you want us to (Sign-Your-Sound) 

simply send us an email on